Improving Patient outcomes and THE lives of Healthcare Providers

Radux Devices' mission is to decrease the ergonomic limitations and occupational health risks physicians experience performing fluoroscopic guided interventions.

The company develops innovative medical devices that intuitively improve procedural performance and workflow while delivering advantageous outcomes for patients, physicians, nurses and hospitals with significant cost benefits.

Radux Devices is a medical device company with a unique vision; focusing on the development of products that better the lives of endovascular physicians and staff. By reducing ergonomic limitations inherent in modern Interventional Fluoroscopy (IF) suites and hybrid operating rooms, our products intuitively enhance performance and efficiency.

By improving the work environment, healthcare professionals can provide better patient outcomes and satisfaction, reduce their occupational radiation exposure, decrease their physical stress, and potentially prolong their careers.2, 3, 4

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Radux Devices has established protocols and standards for actively testing and monitoring the ergonomic and radiation reduction benefits of each product. Our products are designed to minimize patient, operator and staff radiation exposure and the physical stress attributable to the current IF suite environment.

In addition to developing these products, the company is working closely with several medical societies and advocacy groups to increase awareness and knowledge of the adverse health effects in the IF Suite.